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Hello, my name is Autumn Steed. I run this program with the help of my husband Chase Steed. As a young girl I was exposed to the wonderful breed of Labrador retrievers. My father had many he even taught me how to train them and the dogs taught me why they are the #1 breed! As my husband and I began our life together we began to add labs to our family. I wanted to experience the joys of having a litter of puppies. I researched many different topics and ideas to how a program should be ran. Over the past couple years we have began truly form a vision for how and what we wanted to produce. With a few mistakes along the way we have now set our goal, to have a true English built Labrador with the laid back well rounded temperament. That also has the drive to compete in the field. We hope to accomplish all our dreams and goals. Pleas feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions 


Our Females

Our females truly carry our program! This is where we put our most focus! We want our females to be titled and just as successful as any male dog. We do also pamper them as they typically have many little babies of their own to love and care for!


Steed’s Winged Green Eyed Monster


Envy is a gorgeous yellow female, she is true bench bred. Both her sire and dam have hunt titles. Her sire also has show titles. She has multiple dogs throughout her pedigree who carry both show and hunt titles. This is the exact goal we are looking to reach with her!

Steed’s Winged Black Beauty


Berra is retired! She started this program and truly fueled our desire for more! This girl is everything you could want! She can snuggle in bed one minute then work/hunt the next! We still use her for shed hunting. She is also perfecting her fowl hunting techniques as well! 

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